Spauldings Are Committed to the Future of the Zoo and Included It in Their Estate Plan

Photo of baby giraffe

Every time we walk through the gates of the Zoo, we see people of all ages smiling. The variety of experiences provides something for everyone. If the only things you see are the animals, you’ll have had an eventful day. How many times in your life will you have the opportunity to have a giraffe eat a carrot out of your hand or see a newborn elephant shortly after it is born? Perhaps you could witness the orangutans, who are probably more proficient with computers than I am. It’s an experience you would have to travel the world to see, but it’s right here in our backyard. 

There are also things you know about but don’t see. The Indianapolis Prize is a highly coveted award providing distinction and financial support for people who are actively helping to preserve endangered species. Without this financial support, much of this work might not be possible.

The orangutan project is amazing, as are the dedicated researchers who investigate how the big apes learn. That information may help preserve and protect these creatures. Talk to any of the animal caretakers, and you will find them to be passionate about the well-being of every animal. 

Why do we have the Indianapolis Zoo in our estate plan? Maybe the question is, why don’t you? It’s a great place to spend the day watching some incredible animals in a friendly environment. Spend a day or two at the Zoo, and you will become committed to the future as well.

by Doug and Diana Spaulding


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