Kay Koch: Proud to Support the Zoo

koch-lg.jpgWhen my husband, Bryan Molloy, died in 2004, I spent about a year considering how I would direct my energies in the coming years. I found that I had both the time and the financial resources to give back to the wonderful community that has given me so much. Let me tell you why the Indianapolis Zoo was among the organizations that attracted my attention.

First, entertainment—the Zoo is a great destination for all of us in Indianapolis and for the many people who visit our beautiful city. Second, education—I am also impressed with the way educational messages are woven into the exhibits and with the many in-depth educational opportunities provided by the Zoo. Third, research—the technique for artificially inseminating elephants is used worldwide and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums have recognized the successful hatching of the endangered Jamaican iguana here at our zoo. Fourth, conservation—in addition to working in many areas of the world on conservation projects, the establishment of the Indianapolis Prize in 2006 spotlights men and women who dedicate their lives to studying endangered animal species throughout the world.

Finally, they do throw great parties that are both fun and for the best of causes! Because of the reasons given above and many others, I am proud to be able to support the Indianapolis Zoo.




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