Caring from Near and Afar

luenz-lg.jpg“Lions and tigers and bears”—and its other various creatures are all reasons why we support the Indianapolis Zoo and have done so since the Zoo relocated to downtown in the White River area many years ago. Prior to living in Indiana, we became involved with the Peoria Glen Oak Zoo where we also continue to maintain a membership and provide support.

We have lived abroad and have had the opportunity to visit zoos of the world in places like India, China, Singapore, Australia, and many zoos in the United States. The animal collections vary as well as the exhibit size and quality. However, they all have a universal emphasis. For us, zoos are very important for education, conservation, and preservation.

Frequently there is the use of the phrase “Noah’s Ark” to typify how important zoos are in protecting threatened species. We feel we have a responsibility to participate in that effort through our annual contribution as well as by making provisions in our estate planning to provide a legacy gift to further the efforts that the Indianapolis Zoo makes in preserving the natural heritage of our world.

Our home in Lafayette is some distance from the Indianapolis Zoo, but we make the time and plan visits to the Zoo as often as possible. When Animal Amigo mailings arrive announcing the latest “amigo” opportunity, we always participate. Each year we look forward to the latest addition to the Zoo exhibits, much like youngsters look forward to a special surprise. That’s what the Zoo is to us, a never-ending surprise that we feel we give to ourselves and the community by helping to contribute now and after we are gone. We invite you to join with us in our enthusiasm in supporting the Indianapolis Zoo and its mission.

Mike and Pam Luenz




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