Celebrating and Supporting Conservation Heroes

Dr. Amanda Vincent
An ocean optimist, 2020 Indianapolis Prize Winner Dr. Amanda Vincent has spent her career studying seahorses as indicators of marine ecosystem health.

Since 2006 the Indianapolis Prize—the world’s leading award for animal conservation—has recognized and celebrated men and women saving species around the world. Scheduled to be conducted again on September 25, 2021, the Indianapolis Prize Gala will celebrate the extraordinary achievements of Dr. Amanda Vincent and her work to protect seahorses and their habitats.

To support this noble conservation award, the Indianapolis Zoo established the Indianapolis Prize Endowment Fund to ensure its perpetual impact for future generations. With a goal to raise $10 million over the next two years, the Zoo has already raised more than $6 million through wise gifting strategies such as those suggested within our planned giving newsletter New Perspectives.

One such couple who support the Indianapolis Prize Endowment Fund with wise gifts are longtime Zoo members Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson were greatly motivated by an article that ran in New Perspectives three years ago and highlighted the Indianapolis Prize and its need for endowed support. They were amazed by the extraordinary work conducted by these conservationists, many of whom are unknown to the community at large.

“These people are the canaries in the coal mines who go into the field before others to save species,” said Mr. Nelson. “They are usually unsung heroes whose work deserves an international platform such as the Indianapolis Prize. Indianapolis is fortunate to host something so unique, so special, and so life-changing.”

The Indianapolis Prize helps proven champions continue to do what they do every day—save animal species. Help ensure the Prize’s legacy. To learn more or to make your gift, go to www.IndianapolisPrize.org/endowment. For more information contact Karen Burns at (317) 630-2711 or kburns@indianapolisprize.org.


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