Why Barbara Woodard Gives to the Zoo:
Teach Children to Save the Animals

Barbara and granddaughter, Macee.

Hello. My name is Barbara Woodard. Over 50 years ago, I was engaged to a lovely man whose family was very committed to supporting the Seneca Park Zoo in Rochester, NY. I was invited to help out at one of the Zoo’s fundraising events called “Zoo Days.” It was there that I met an extraordinary man, the Zoo director, Earl Woodard. By now you may have figured out that lovely man was dumped and the extraordinary man married me!

Since then I have been aware that if we ignore the conservation of our planet—animals being a major part of that conservation—we are not only destroying our planet but indirectly destroying ourselves. Someone asked Earl once why he spent so much time trying to educate our children and less time trying with the adults. He simply stated that our future is with our children. They will be the ones to save the animals, if we can reach the children in time. Our Indianapolis Zoo is one of the best at doing that job!

Our amazing, not-for-profit zoo depends on monetary support and dedication. We all must make a vigilant effort to help. We can do so by simply having an estate plan in place for our family and friends. Our Indianapolis Zoo MUST be on that list! When you make out your will and/or trust, it is as simple as adding a son or daughter! You will have the peace of mind that not only your family will be taken care of in the event of your passing but your Zoo family as well. Your gift to our zoo will help sustain the many animals there for the long term.

It is also very easy to join the Lowell Nussbaum Society and become an annual donor. Or you can simply write a check for whatever amount, large or small, to support a campaign to help the cost of future exhibits—such as the new Orangutan exhibit opening in May 2014.

And last but not least, you can give a charitable gift annuity to our zoo and it will give you a supplemental income—and help our zoo to pursue its mission for the benefit of generations to come. The world would be a much better and more wonderful place if each one of us were to contribute by giving!

Yours in conservation,





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