Feline Friendship

Wilson-lg.jpgMy love for animals most likely started at birth, but 28 years ago after having a real passion for “big cats” I bought my first domestic cat for a pet. I was fascinated by how all cats share the same mannerisms in play, lying down, sleeping, eating, and inquisitiveness. I have owned six cats in these 28 years; one lived to be 22 years old, so it’s easy to see how they become a big part of your life. I would visit the Indianapolis Zoo from time to time to see some of my favorites and any new animals along the way. Not only was it always enjoyable to visit, but it was a way of understanding just how wonderful these creatures are.

I have some history with the Indianapolis Zoo because I was working for a company that sold pumps, valves, and mechanical seals to industrial markets. The Zoo was just being built, and working with the Zoo’s staff you could see the excitement and enthusiasm for the coming of the animals. It was great to be a part of it!

Through the years I have been a member off and on, but when I heard that the Indy Zoo was going to open a new cheetah exhibit it grabbed my passion. I went … I saw … and I knew what I needed to do. Immediately I became an annual donor through the Lowell Nussbaum Society. I also called the Indianapolis Zoo to see if it had a program for a person to have the ability to give a charitable donation at one’s death. It was at this time I learned about all the programs the Indianapolis Zoo is involved with in the conservation and dedication to some of the most endangered species. Guess who are on that list? Cheetahs.

The staff at the Indianapolis Zoo took a real interest in my desires, not from a monetary standpoint but from a true willingness to grant my wishes to be a part of trying to help the cause. It was a very simple process working with my bank and the Indianapolis Zoo to make this happen.

We all can choose in what direction our feelings and passions guide us, and mine are with the beautiful majestic animals that need our help. I know I will be able to help because not only do I have the Indianapolis Zoo’s support, they have my heart in mind.

Scott Wilson


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