Why I Gave Back to the Zoo

Shane photo_lg.jpgAfter working just two years for the Indianapolis Zoo, I wasn’t ready to leave my job, but family circumstances took me back to Central Pennsylvania. Not long after I landed a new job, I was offered the benefit of contributing to a new retirement plan. That’s when I decided to name the Indianapolis Zoo among my beneficiaries.

How I did it was really quite simple. All I had to do was fill out a form with basic information about the individuals and not-for-profit organizations to whom I wanted to leave my retirement assets. Even without a will (or lawyer’s fees), I could have the peace of mind knowing that my leftover retirement assets would be distributed per my wishes, even if I were to die the next day.

Almost as simple as how I was able to name the Indianapolis Zoo in my gift planning are the reasons why I decided to do it. I loved working for the Zoo. Even though I was only employed there for two years, I feel like I gained a decade’s worth of valuable fundraising experience from my boss, my colleagues, the talented and dedicated Board of Directors, and the wonderful donors I got to know. I could not have worked with a better staff, and I am happy to know that so many of those great people are still working at the Zoo. These are folks who don’t just enjoy working with animals. They are clearly committed to the mission.

The Indianapolis Zoo is so much more than a city zoo that exhibits animals. It is a center for active research and conservation dedicated to preserving some of the most endangered species on our planet. And this is evident in all that they do. The Indianapolis Prize has given the Zoo the international recognition and status that it deserves. For all of these reasons, I just wanted to give back, not just through my annual giving, but also in a way that will extend beyond my lifetime. It’s not just for the sake of the animals, but for the people who care about what happens to them. Keep up the good work!

Molly A. Shane


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